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Dec. 21st, 2012

Caught you in my web~

HMD Post!

How's my driving? You know how all of this goes, so I'll spare you.

Just lemmie know if you don't like the way I've interpreted this little ball of sunshine.
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Spiders are cute!

OOC: Regains and Character Relations (Mayfield)

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Jan. 2nd, 2012

Do I look smart?

App for Gargleblasted


Name: Levi
Are you over 16?: Whippersnapper I am 75 years old.
Personal LJ: azriel_oda
Email: pretendytimes(at)gmail(dot)com
Timezone: US Central (-6 gmt)
Other contact: AIM: hirimioda
Characters already in the game: Eirin Yagokoro
How did you find us?: Being a smooth pimp that knows how to get his.

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Dec. 5th, 2011


The Amazing Spider Girl! #11 | Away from home too long

[There are no mass hijinks on the town today. No drawing on pavement, spinning webs around your porch (oh that's a good idea), destroying your yards or anything of the sort today. Today, as you pass through the park you'll likely happen upon one little blond youkai sitting on a park bench, looking rather frustrated and sad all at the same time.

In her hands she has a sketchpad and pencil she's happened to acquire. Beside her can be found four more sketchpads, a box of pencils, and a pencil sharpener. Upon closer inspection one may find that three of the extra sketchpads has been completely stripped of paper. Beside the park bench sits a waste bin...which has been effectively filled with wadded-up pieces of paper...some of which have ended up on the ground around it as a result.

It will take a bit for Yamame to notice anyone's approach, as she is furiously concentrating on her drawing. She makes little frustrated noises as she draws, alternating between erasing and re-drawing before finally abandoning the current project and throwing it in the trash bin...at which point it will bounce off and hit the ground. If one un-wads the paper they will find an attempt at drawing someone's face. The hair is rather detailed...but the face itself has either been erased many times or completely scratched out.

Bother her? She probably won't notice you until you say something.]

Oct. 27th, 2011

Spiders are cute!

The Amazing Spider Girl! #10 | The Shrinkening

[Action | All around town]

[As everyone has likely already noticed, many individuals in town have grown to gigantic proportions! What many may not have noticed so easily was that many have also shrunk quite small, as well!

Enter our local spider-girl, Yamame! She's been shrunk down to the size of a spider and is having the time of her life.

Whether it be flying around like a little bug or getting into places she's not supposed to be in, Yamame is using this opportunity to just have a great time.

Though, if you have also found yourself shrunken, you may suddenly find that you have become entangled in a rather well-placed spider's web! Struggle as you might, the web is simply too strong (unless you are exceptionally strong), but that webbing sure is sticky!

As you struggle more and more, you may notice that a shadowy figure is closing in on you from atop the web! Oh no! Just what will it do to you??]

Oct. 4th, 2011

I'm youkai moe too~

The Amazing Spider-Girl! #9

[Mayfield, honestly, has not had enough moe in it's life. That said, everyone's favorite young Tsuchigumo can be found outside today, having forgotten to go to school once again. Hey, the habit is hard to get into when you've spent 80+ years not doing it, okay?

Just what might this little girl be up to today? Well...just about anything you can think of. Today is a good day, why don't you share it?]

[A) All over town] [Yamame is outside playing with birds! Ever since she's made friends with a couple of bird-types, she's really interested in seeing if she can find them again! There's only one problem...she's only seen Okuu once, and never seen Mystia's bird form at all. Instead of thinking logically and realizing she's probably not going to happen upon them at random, she's decided to find birds and try to talk to them. This isn't working out, however, as they always scatter when she draws close. When they take flight, Yamame flies after them. She won't chase them forever, but will fly after them for a brief moment before coming back to the ground and looking for more birds. It's almost kind of pathetic...but she's having fun. Feel free to bother her!]

[P) All around town] [Yamame has procured chalk! You can probably guess what she's doing with it. That's right, drawing all over the sidewalks! She's drawing all kinds of stick figures or even attempts at drawing people on the sidewalks all over town. She's still not so great with writing, but she's practicing writing things on the sidewalk as well! What's kind of disturbing though...is as childish as most of what she's doing is...every once in a while you might come across an extremely detailed drawing of a bug, or a tree, or maybe even a partial landscape. It's all done in white chalk...but few and far between there are some incredibly detailed drawings. Or, you may be walking down the sidewalk and come across a quote from a past U.S. President or historical figure, some long and some short. Or, even a very nicely written poem. Feel free to run into the girl as she draws!]

[66) Residential neighborhoods | anyone's house] [Yamame has discovered garden hoses! She's either playing in the water herself, or spraying unwary passers-by! The girl is absolutely soaked through her own clothes but she really doesn't seem to mind. Feel free to yell, chase, or try to get her back somehow! Warning, she might fight back...but not really seriously. Mostly with hose.]

[⑨) Anywhere] [Yamame is taking a nap! She's sleeping...hanging from a tree branch from her webbing...upside-down. This can't be healthy. She also appears to still be drip-drying in the sun after her encounters with the garden hoses.]

Aug. 16th, 2011


The Amazing Spider-Girl! #8 | Milkfield

[The silence of the peaceful town of Mayfield will be broken this evening by a shrill and ear-splitting cry. It is so loud, so grating and so filled with terror that one may not believe they are hearing the cries of something human.]

[Well, technically they are not, but it is still being emitted by a humanoid figure. A streak of brown and blonde flies down the street, running as fast as she possibly can. She weaves and doges, sometimes cowering before something she has stopped in front of that...well...isn't actually there. She absolutely will not stop screaming, and seems as if she is unwilling to stop for anything. Yamame has drank the Special Milk (bold for tripping balls)! It is not really...agreeing with her.]

A. [You manage to catch Yamame in the street while having her fits! Chances are she will cower from you, or look at you with tears and absolute terror in her eyes. She may be a Youkai, and has seen some horrible and frightening things, but whatever is going on in that little mind of hers is totally tripping her the fuck out. POSSIBLE CHANCE OF INJURY THROUGH SELF-DEFENSE, PLEASE LEAVE IN COMMENT TITLE IF YOU'D PREFER THIS NOT TURN INTO A FIGHT.]

B. [Yamame is hiding in a tree, almost completely wrapped in her own webbing! She's shivering and shaking, making quiet, terrified noises through her own sobbing. You can try to get her down if you like, but she's not likely to respond unless the effects of the Special Milk (bold for scary) are beginning to shift.]

[Phone | Unfiltered | Later on]

[It seems the girl has calmed down now...almost a little TOO calm.] Heheeeeeeee....Yamame saw some scary things today. But now...now Yamame is okay because there are nice things at home.

Hi Mr. Fluffy! Come and...come and let Yamame pet you.

[It sounds as if the phone has been set down, and Yamame is currently cooing at something away from the receiver. After a long moment of this, the phone is picked back up...and it suddenly sounds as if someone is chewing on it.]

Thish ish a good banana...

[Action | 728 Anderson]

[Members of the household may find their not!daughter wandering about the house in a daze. Well...less wandering and more dancing about. She seems happier than she's ever seemed before, mumbling some sort of song and dancing through the various rooms. At some points she will lay down on a chair, almost seeming as if she is snuggling something that isn't there, and at other points she may be found rolling around on the carpet.]

[Oh...and the spiders she keeps in her room are now ALL OVER THE HOUSE.]

Jun. 5th, 2011


The Amazing Spider-Girl! #7

[Action | 728 Anderson Lane]

[Yamame's past few days started out quite strange, when she woke up to Parsee gently shaking her, saying something about having to get to school on time. It only got worse as the days drug on, Parsee fretting over Yamame, being nice to the drone child, COOKING FOOD, cleaning the house, and telling Yamame to get her homework done for when she goes back to school.]

[Each day, Yamame would test it by giving Parsee a hug, or generally misbehaving, and either getting a gentle scolding or cooing from the woman about what a good and adorable daughter she has. It didn't appear as if this was going to let up.]

P-parsee-nee...c'mon Parsee-nee this isn't funny anymore. [Yamame tugs at Parsee's dress, looking on the verge of a panic.]

Now now, dear, it isn't polite to distract your mother while she's trying to cook! Your father should be home any minute and we have to have dinner ready.

[If Waver is around today, he may find a rather forlorn Yamame just sitting in the living room. If he speaks to her, of course she'll act like she's fine and do her best to still be happy and sunny, but it's obvious there is something bothering her quite a bit.]

[Phone | Unfiltered]

Um...I think Parsee-nee went away. [Yamame is speaking quietly, and her voice is shaking just a bit.] But that's okay, because that means Parsee-nee got to leave, right? Plus, Yamame can take care of herself, so that means Parsee-nee won't have to worry anymore. Yamame will be okay, even if Yamame is all alone I'll still be okay. There's still lots of spider friends and other people around.

[Action | Playground]

[Anyone passing by the park will find the young blonde girl slowly swinging on the swing-set, staring down at her feet, or possibly just sitting at the top of the jungle gym, not really looking at anything. If someone passes close enough, Yamame will smile and continue to act like everything is just perfectly fine, maybe even wave and say hi. If someone approaches outside of her field of vision, however, they will come upon her simply staring at nothing in particular.]

May. 29th, 2011

I'm youkai moe too~

The Amazing Spider-Girl! #6

[Yamame had been in her room for the longest time, playing with the hundreds of spider friends she keeps in there, in the dark, because it reminds her of the caves back home. She didn't stay home and hidden away for any serious reasons, she simply felt as if she were neglecting her spider-family and that's just not cool. But, the recent things she has been hearing over the phone have had her worried. She never even SAW a census form, and it took her a little while to realize she couldn't make webs or manipulate disease any more. Upon noticing, however, and hearing all of these strange things, she decides it is time to find out just what's up.]

[Phone | Unfiltered]

Hey, hey, is there something going on? It sounds like everyone is worried about something! Yamame can't do the things I could do before, what happened?

Well, Yamame is going to go protect people! I'm gonna help my friends!

So, um, if you need Yamame to protect you...then...you can come to my house! In the meantime I'm going to go out and find everyone!

[Household | 728 Anderson Lane]

[Members of the household may catch Yamame leaving her dark room armed with a large stick and heading for the front door. SHE'S A HERO ON A MISSION. Feel free to ask wtf or try to stop her.]

[Action | Park]

[If anyone finds themselves in/around the park, they'll likely run into a young blonde girl shouting "HALT!" She's only armed with a rather large stick, but it looks like she means business...or is pretending like she means business.]

What's your business here? You shall not pass, this is a secure area!

[[OOC: Obviously, I know stuff's going down right now. I am fully aware there are people running around that might see her as an obstacle and just off her. She's a pretty squirrely little thing...but...she IS without her powers. If your character will be hostile we'll see how it plays out. :3]]

Apr. 20th, 2011

I know how shot web

The Amazing Spider-Girl! #5

[If Mayfield thought having ONE web-slinger was bad enough...Mayfield residents may be treated to a strange...yet still adorable sight today.]

[All around town, people can find Yamame playing with her new web-spinning powers. People may find her hanging upside down from trees, or from the overhang on the roofs of your houses! She could be anywhere today.]

[She may even have crafted a rather large human-sized web between two trees at the park near the playground! She may be currently sitting in it, like it is some sort of Hammock. She's not trying to catch anyone, though...it's just a comfort to her. She may have also turned the interior of the jungle gym into a mini web-cave space. Inside the jungle gym it looks suspiciously like a black widow's web...however at it's center only Yamame will be sitting...playing in the sand. If any children find themselves in one of her webs...she'll simply help them out after forcing them into a conversation.]

[Feel free to interact with Yamame in any of these situations! If you pass by she will likely wave and say Hi! So truly, there is no escape from this moe little spider. Don't worry, she's not dangerous...she's just having a great time with a familiar ability.]


[If you're looking for Yamame in the house...well...you're going to have to check her room. However, the moment you open the door you will come upon a very dark little room....the curtains have been drawn and only minimal sunlight bleeds through them. Webbing, like something you would find in an open cave room, is strung between the walls and permeating all corners. The place is crawling with a number of spiders...but the little blond spider happens to be sitting in her bed, playing with a little spider who seems content to hang out on the bed. If anyone walks into the room she will just look up with a smile and say Hi! Really though...this room is kind of creepy now.]

Apr. 1st, 2011


The Amazing Spider-Girl! #4.5

[Phone | Attempted filter to Lucy Smith | Pretty much immediately after that phone call goes out.]

Y-you're really still here?? D-did you still wanna be friends?? 'Cause Yamame really meant it!

I-I'm glad you're okay...

Mar. 31st, 2011

Wtf-ever Parsee-nee

The Amazing Spider-Girl! #4

[Phone | Unfiltered]

I dunno what happened while I was staying in my house...but it kind of got crushed by something and I died! Does anyone know what happened?

Well...after I came back...Yamame went to the playground and I found a little girl that sounded like the one on the phone the other day.

She was...she was really sad. She was really lonely too. She said she brought us all here. I know that lots of people are angry about that, and Yamame knows a lot of people hated her for it. I didn't care though, because everyone deserves to have a friend, right?

Yamame thinks lots of people will be kind of happy about it, but she died. I guess I should tell everyone what the last thing she said about us was. B-but, if I do, don't be mean ok? She's Yamame's friend now, and I don't want anyone being mean to her. She's dead anyway, so you don't have to be mean about it.

She said she wished there was more she could do for us, but we're strong and we'll know what to do. She said she believes in us before she said goodbye.

I don't know why she went, really...but she was sad...and kind of happy at the same time. I saw her spirit fly away and it was crying and smiling.

[Yamame decides to omit having buried Lucy. She at least didn't put the name on the grave...as she actually never knew the girl's name. She simply wrote "Friend" on a big rock that marks the grave in chalk.]

She's gone now. Probably forever, I think.

[This is all a little strange and emotional for Yamame, so she's going to hang up the phone. She'll answer any phone messages much later.]

[Action | Playground]

[Yamame's simply sitting in that swing she had been in the other day, speaking with Lucy Smith, gently swinging back and forth. She's looking toward that grave...wondering just what on earth all of it meant. She wasn't sad, per-say. The entire encounter had tugged on her heartstrings for some reason but...she wasn't sad. She was merely thoughtful...and felt for some reason that everything that transpired meant something far deeper than she even knew. She didn't feel sorry for the troubled girl that wasn't as she seemed...but she wished she had known more about her and what she was going through.]

[She simply kept herself at a lethargic rhythm in the swing, each arch backward or forward creating a quiet creak where the chains attached to the metal frame. It was peaceful, in a way, and Yamame was kind of enjoying that peace after all the chaos that she could only sit and listen to.]

Mar. 12th, 2011


The Amazing Spider-Girl! #3

[No horrific antics from the little blond Tsuchigumo today, Mayfield. After spending a number of days simply sleeping and consuming all the food and water she could find in the house, Yamame takes to the phones. She sounds pretty worn out, slightly sad, but mostly worried.]

I...hope everybody's okay after the Westport place.

[She seems to pause and think for a moment, if one listens carefully a strange, faint scratching noise is coming over the phone...it sounds like a knife grating into a wood surface.]

U-um...I had a question, so Yamame will just use the little box that lets me talk to everyone. Um...would it make someone bad if they had the power to make you sick?

I know...somebody...so can make people sick or make them better. They don't ever use it unless they have to, though! But, some people avoid that person because she can do it.

Would you be scared of a person like that? Would you hate them? Yamame just...wants to know.

Feb. 16th, 2011

Spiders are cute!

The Amazing Spider Girl! #3 (Cootie edition)

[Yamame wasn't used to being sick. Hell, she didn't even know what it felt like, herself. Normally, when she was a Youkai, Yamame has the power to manipulate disease in others. She rarely used it, and hated the power, as it caused nothing but pain amongst those she cared about. However, due to this power Yamame had never, EVER been sick. Well, that changes today.]

[Yamame has contracted cooties! She has a bit of a fever, so she constantly looks flushed...and she is now walking around town. In her hands she is carrying a rather large bag. What is in said bag, you say? Why...it happens to be Valentine Cards! To do you one better, they are freaking Superman valentines too! Yamame liked them.]

[So, today Yamame is going to be traveling ALL AROUND TOWN giving out Valentines to EVERYONE she meets! Also, subsequently trying to hold their hands as well...as per the cooties virus symptoms. Kind of mention in the comment title if you don't want to be infected or whatnot, so I can give full opportunities to avoid her attempts at contact...but she's still going to give you a badass Superman Valentine, whether you like it or not.]

[Girls do their best now to spread a pandemic. Please wait warmly until it is ready.]

Feb. 2nd, 2011


The Amazing Spider-Girl! #2

[Ahhh, the serenity of this little town of Mayfield. The light fluffy snow covering the ground and the streets swept clear so that the fine people of the town can make it to work on a winter morning.]

[However, all is not right in this serene setting. At about 9am the residential areas will have that serenity shattered by the sound of a shriek.]


[The source, a blond-haired little girl laying on a skateboard, clinging on for dear life as she rockets down one of the streets. She must have found a hill, because this girl is essentially street-luging at this point.]

[Here is where you, the player, comes in. You have one of three options.]


[You hear the shriek, but not quite soon enough, as the girl is COMING AT YOU BRO and mere moments away from crashing into your legs. WHAT DO?]


[Try to help the poor girl! Obviously she's gotten in over her head playing with this strange plank on wheels, and she's going to end up severely hurt when she finally crashes into something!]


[Place bets. Time it to see if she's cut out for a street-luge team. Basically just observe...and possibly take bets on her likelihood of survival and/or likelihood of a trip to the hospital. Or simply cheer as if she's putting on a performance...and then cringe at the realistic blood.]

Jan. 16th, 2011


The Amazing Spider-Girl! #1

[Action, 728 Anderson Lane.]

[Hello, residents. Welcome to the sound of Yamame RIP-TEARING through the house! She doesn't sound panicked, or anything. Rather, she's screaming:]

PARSEE-NEE!!! DIDJA COME BACK TOO?? [She is quite literally turning the house upside-down looking for Parsee.]

[Have fun with that, Parsee. Or even neighbors are welcome to come by and ask WTF????]

[Telephone call, Unfiltered.]

Ohhhhh it's all the same, right??

HI EVERYONE!! [The girl has shouted so loudly into the phone there is a bit of feedback. After a short pause, she begins talking nearly a mile a minute. She wasn't like this before, was she? It seems as if she's quite excited...so just give her a minute to calm down...or pass out from lack of inhaling while speaking.]

I went home for a little while I guess because I got bored or maybe somebody brought me back home because I was late for a party because everyone always says I should go to all of the parties underground cuz they think I'm fun and I also make sure any humans who show up don't get eaten cuz sometimes my Youkai friends like to eat humans or they say they're going to I don't know but I didn't remember this place where I got to live with Parsee-nee and be her little sister for REAL but now I'm back because I guess I felt like coming back when I was asleep but now I'm here again and I'm gonna get my spider friends back and I'm gonna have fun with the humans!

[Yamame then takes an obvious huge intake of oxygen.]

...I'm tired now.

[And, simple as that...she just hangs up the phone.]

Sep. 25th, 2010


2nd Web [Action post!]

[Hello Mayfield! Today, you may be privilaged to find a twelve year old girl wandering the streets and just having a GRAND OL' TIME!!! But not just any old twelve year old blonde girl...this happens to be THE MOST POPULAR YOUKAI IN THE UNDERGROUND.]

[But that's neither here nor there. What IS here nor there, is that the strange little girl seems to be carrying a big bag of...what sounds like glass clinking around? She's happily skipping down the road, singing a little tune to herself that she likely heard from the T.V. since it sounds rather familiar.]

[You may also notice that she'll stop at a tree, or at bushes, every once in a while catching something and putting it in a glass jar from her bag! NO VARIOUS OPTIONS THIS TIME, SO NO THINKING IS NECESSARY! Feel free to bug this bright happy little girl, and try to find out what she's catching! She'll likely happily tell you...and possibly show you. I hope your character doesn't have any sort of Arachnophobia.]

Sep. 18th, 2010

Spiders are cute!

1st Web

[The phone receiver is abruptly picked up to the sound of someone banging it on the table. The voice on the other end sounds as if she hasn't put the receiver up to her head, and is simply playing with it.]

Oh wow, this is made out of the same weird stuff! Ooh, what's that??

[THUD. The receiver is dropped onto the table and the voice gets a bit more distant.]

Oooh. This is pretty... [Sounds of shattering glass are heard.] Eek!! Oh no...I broke it...it's stuck in my hand! Owowowowowowowow!!!!

[For a few more moments, the sounds of frantic scrambling and more things breaking/shattering can be heard as Yamame scrambles away from the phone...leaving a long period of silence before the phone cuts itself off.]

OOC info

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Spiders are cute!

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